Are you passionate about Auburn? Do you want to make new friends here in Los Angeles? We’d love to have you join us as a volunteer with LA Auburn Club! There are many opportunities to volunteer; read below for a short description of our different opportunities and sign-up at the form at the bottom! Besides getting the chance to serve Auburn, help raise funds for our scholarship, and make new friends, volunteering is the first step to becoming an officer.

All of our officers began as volunteers in some capacity or another. Officers get the unique opportunity to help shape our local strategy and plan events that will bring the Auburn spirit to Los Angeles! Officers also get the opportunity to attend the Auburn Alumni Association’s annual Officers Conference to learn from other clubs and meet other officers.


Watch Party Host

Welcoming people to our watch parties is one of the best ways to get to know the Auburn family here in Los Angeles!

Soliciting Sponsors

One of the main missions of LA Auburn is to raise money for local Los Angeles area students to attend Auburn on a scholarship. We are looking for fearless fundraisers who are willing to reach out to solicit sponsors for our big events.

Assist with Communications

If you’re a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pro – this is the volunteer opportunity for you! Help our VP with online communications from the website to social media.

Plan a Small Event

Many of our volunteers started with Los Angeles through their passion to start a small event. If you’d like to set-up a paint party, Bowling, Bingo, Dog Day in the Park, or a new event, spearheading that effort is a great way to get involved!

Big Event Committee

Some of the most fun our volunteers have is serving on a committee for a Big Event. Committees develop everything from the theme to sponsors to decorations to the agenda. This is a great chance to dive deeper into Los Angeles and make new friends!